QERA app

We help QERA to automate and digitalize the entire process of course providers recruiting students from Southeast Asia.

Reduce total of


manual work needed


Referral Network Tree
Integrated Dashboard Management
Directory Categorization
Payment Gateway
Points System

what we’ve done


+ integrated dashboard management

Provide multiple roles of user such as admin, course provider, non-member and member accesses for self service management.


+ seamless native design

We follow best known practices of material design and guidelines to make sure the best User Interface and User Experience for all.


+ referral network tree system

QERA featured genealogy network trees like network marketing to refer new members, points collection, coaching and assistance.


+ points system

QPoint system reward program. Now user able to earn QPoint based on purchases and network referral in mobile application.


+ provider directory listing

Self manage portal for administrator to input and arrange product and services through comprehensive web portal.


+ payment gateway integration

Integrated with Stripe supports processing charges in multiple currencies and countries.

cross platform

+ all platform supported

Both iOS and Android platform are supported.


+ integration of export feature

Export user and sales data from the system to excel for a thorough analysis and study out of the system.


+ detail crash report tracking

Implementation of crash report tracking to publish new version to Play Store and App Store to ensure compatibility to most of the devices in market.

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