iTalk Super App

iTalk Super App contains 4 main features: communication, social media, official account and wallet. The application is designed and developed in both Android and iOS.

Main Technology

XMPP Real-Time Messaging
Socket IO
Kubernetes Cluster

Main Modules

Social Media
Official Account

what we’ve done


+ real time messaging

A reliable communication app need to be fast and stable, we make use of XMPP technology to ensure message delivery in real-time.

video & voice

+ video and voice call

We develop real-time streaming video and voice 1-1 and group call using high level solution around WebRTC. To achieve real-time media communication, several transfer servers for data exchanges and a specific signaling mechanism are needed.


+ synchronization algorithm

The messages and medias are backup-ed into our back-end server. User able to backup and restore their data during device transitioning.


+ all in one notification

The backbone of communication is all about notification, we optimized our notification delivery up to 99.9%*.


+ sms otp

Integrated the application with SMS OTP for mobile number verification, reset password and other security related activities.

media handling

+ all types of media supported

The system able to accept any types of media that involved in chatting.

location sharing

+ live location and send location

Streaming of location data with communication server to ensure all users received the latest location based information.

local database

+ complex device database

All user data restored or created in the devices will be store in the device memory for offline retrieval and better user experiences in speed.


+ docker and kubernetes tech

In order to ensure the highest availability and sudden traffic spike, the application is running on micro-service architecture to ensure better encapsulation.

all platforms

+ android, ios and web app

We develop 3 types of the application in different platform to support as much people as possible.


+ high concurrent users traffic

Our team diagnose the script and architecture to produce highest efficiency in order to support high number of users using at the same time.

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